Who really benefit from Iraq war?

The war in Iraq was not about oil! U.S.A. does not take free oil from Iraq and it was not in crise for oil before (because it is buying it for decades from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, U.A.E. and so on).

In fact, U.S.A. spent billions of dollars in this war and lost thousands of soldiers and gain absolutely nothing! But to see who are the real winners of this war, you must follow the money!

There are a lot of people and entities that made a lot of money from this war!

America spent billions of dollars on weapons, soldiers salaries and other war expenditures, but also for post-war reconstruction of that country. But were did this billions landed?

The US hired more private companies in Iraq than in any previous war! The list includes companies working in supplying support services, security, reconstruction and the oil industry.

Research by the Financial Times shows that the top 10 American and foreign contractors in Iraq have secured business worth at least $72 billion between them, with the total for all contractors coming in at $138 billion.

Number one financial winner of Iraq war is KBR (formerly Kellogg Brown and Root), which was once run by Dick Cheney. It recived at least $39.5bn in federal contracts related to the Iraq war over the past decade.

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and Agility Logistics, bouth Kuwaiti state controled companies, are the second and third-biggest winners, securing contracts worth $7.2 billion and $6.3 billion.

Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organisations gained more popular support, new recruits and funds because of the unpopular U.S. occupation of a muslim country, with consequences in the entire Midle East for at least one generation.

Another big winner of U.S.A. war against Iraq was….Iran! Once Saddam was remouved from power, iranian influence in the neighbour country went only up, imposing in the end a pro-iranian shiite gouvernment in Baghdad.

The Iranification of Iraq and it has gone on slowly for more than a decade. The pro-Iranian factions have always been close to power in Iraq since 2003, directly or indirectly, reciving their part from U.S. taxpayer billions spent for Iraq reconstruction.

The Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University said the war in Iraq cost $1.7 trillion dollars, not including the $490 billion in immediate benefits owed to veterans of the war and the lifetime benefits that will be owed to them or their next of kin. Most of this money came from american taxpayer`s money, the ultimate loser of Iraq war.

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