Tips to making money online

Looking back to the history of Internet, is not hard to realise that the Information Age is here to stay! The E-commerce it is now and it will be in the future a huge business oportunity for people arround the world.

Yet, some things are going to change or are already changing, regarding the evolution of business and technology.

You don`t have to be a genius to see that the smartphone is the most used gadget that people use today to connect to Internet, to see the huge impact of social networks (Facebook) or to see that the Internet of Things (IoT) is already here.

All this evolutions are going to change the virtual economy and the way of doing business online.

But even so, the core of the Internet business oportunities remain the same. So here there are some tips if you are looking for new inspiring business ideas:


Blogging was and still is a good way to make money online. The bad news is that are a lot of them and if you want to be successful on this path you have to create good quality content on a specific niche, which is not easy, but also not impossible!

Also you should consider vlogging as an alternative way to classical blogging, if you are a creative person and have enough carisma.

Monetising your blog/vlog is about selling clicks and visualisations through advertise programs. The more quality trafic you have, the more money you make!

Selling ebooks

Selling ebooks is also about creating high quality content but instead to offer it for free (in exchange of traffic), you will sell it for money.

The good news is that the concurence is much small that in the case of blogging and is quite easy to create and sell an ebook. The bad news is that at beggining you have to invest in promoting your works.

You can write about everything, from romance novels to art, religion or know-how ebooks, important is that your readers to find your works good enough to deserve their money!

Smarthphone apps

Smartphone is today the most used gadget for connecting to Internet and is no wondering that the new big deals are made in this field!

If you love programing and know how to write an app (there are a lot of websites and tutorials who teach you and offer you the necessary tools), you could consider starting a business on this niche.

Online games, learning a foreign language, weather of business applications are just few examples of programs for smartphones that could bring you some extra money or even being the hitt of your life.

Offering your services online

There are organised virtual platforms where you can sell your services of writter, translater, programator and so on. Depending of your skills and of your clients you can earn from this anywere from few bucks to few thausands of dollars on mounth.

Investing in the technology of future

If you have enough money, you could consider investing in the future businesses. The applications the  Internet of things, could be the winning ticket if we take account about the obvious tendencies of the Internet development directions.

Of course that the risck exists, but it is much smaller that in the case of a classical businesses, while the chances, oportunities and possibilities are much more appealing.

Beggining an online business could be the smartes thing to do, but only with the right informations, tools and mindset!


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