The trap of freedom

What is freedom and how important really is?

Of course it feels nice to do whatever you whant, but what about the fruits of your actions? If they are good, it is the perfect situation, but let`s be honest, in many cases, probably in the most of them, the concequences of human actions are bad!

Let`s face it, this planet suffers from the consequences of our freedom of action!

Remember when you were a litle kid, how would you end it up if your parents whould gave you the total freedom? Would have you went to school by your own will? Would have you went to doctor by your own will or would you have eated healthy by your own will?

If you would had have the freedom back then, you would had been either dead, either a total loser today. So your parents denied your freedom for your own good!

And so, we can see that there is something more important in life then the freedom: doing what is right to do! This is the real most important principle in life and puting freedom in place of this, can be a deadly trap!

When we grow up it is sayed that we are able to choose for ourselfs, but are we? Be honest and tell me how many adults have you met, that they cannot differentiate between right and wrong? We also cannot differentiate ourself between right and wrong in certain circumstances…

It is imposible to know everithing in this huge deluge of information, you cannot tell wich one is right, wich one is half-right and wich is a fake news, yet many people they take decisions on their basis, becouse they have this freedom (think only at political elections when we use our freedom based mostly on political propaganda and rumors).

So, freedom can be very deceiving in many (most?) situations, so freedom cannot be a valid principle if it is not used side by side with the Truth and the principle of doing what is right to do!

To often freedom was used like a tool against people by those who deceived them, by the devil himself! The freedom without the Truth is not just worthless but also dangerous.

To know the Truth and submitting to him (doing what is right to do) is the only real freedom!


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