The real answer why some countries are poor and others are rich

We all heared that some countries are rich becouse they had colonial empires or because they had some other favorable historical context, or because they have oil, gold, silver or other natural resourses and, in the same time, other countries are poor for oposite reasons.

In fact, all of this explanations are wrong or are just marxist bullshit!

And here it is why:

Turkey was a big empire for centuries, yet Turkey is not a rich country today. In fact there is a higher living standard in Greece, Cyprus or Israel, former ottoman provincies.

The same for Russia, Iran, Portugal and Spain (Portugal and Spain had large colonial empieres for centuries).

On the other hand, Canada, Australia, Monaco, Luxembourg, Switzerland and so on, never had colonial empires (some of them were themselves former colonies) but are today rich and prosperous countries.

What can we say about Germany wich was twice destroyed (after bouth world wars) and each time it took it twenty years to come back between richest countries in the wolrd?

So forget about the role of economic history in present economic reality. It is not relevant!

What about natural resources?

Well, let`s take a look at Congo, Nigeria and other african countries wich are rich in oil, diamonds, gold and many other natural resourses and yet the face a poor economy and even famine.

And also take a look at Japan, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Holand, Iceland and some other countries with litle of no natural resourses but with strong and healty economy.

How is this posible? What is the secret?

Well, the secret lies in human resources! It is the citizen who transform his country in a nice place to live or in a slum.

Smart nations have smart social and business management, stupid nations have bribes, nepotism and civil wars.

This is an harsh but true reality!

The good news is that mentality and national economical IQ can be improuved, the bad news is that this is not easy at all and many of us have have no time to wait so long.

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