The most important things in life are for free!

This is both a good news and a bad news! Is a good news for some people and is a bad news for those who thought that money and material possessions are everything in life.

Let`s just think about!

The air that you breathe is for free, the real friends are for free, the health is for free, love is for free (yes, you can buy sex but you cannot buy love) and so on! In fact, if you think carefuly, you will see that all you have today is just a gift that you had recive it.

Did you realy choose your children? No my friend, you had only recive them. Do you think that your smartness brought you your wealth? Maybe, but who gave you this smartness (some people just born retarded or with some diseases, or in bad famelies and so on)? Who created all the oportunities that brought you up until to this moment?

It would have been enough that just a small detail to be different and, at some point, your whole career and whole life would have been different. Think carefully and you will see that i m right!

So, instead to talk about at the concept of property, maybe we are more close to the Truth if we talk about the concept of concession.

Maybe that all our belongings (material ones, or talents and spiritual ones) are just some concessions that in the end we let them go, when we let go to this world, and we will have to answer about the way that we used them.

Looking that way, i don`t say that we don`t need money, but doing great things and being happy it doesn’t have to be tied by money, wealth of properties, because the best things in life are for free!


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