Money and emotions

Money, finances and economy depend on humans, more than on natural resources, trade rutes or climate change. Yet, this simple truth is often ignored or undervalued.

The financial prosperity or financial failure, are in fact result of human actions, of our actions, choices or fears. These is bouth a good news and a bad news!

The fact is that most of us react emotional rather than rational when it comes about money, and is this why so many people have problems with money or are victims of get rich quick, Ponzi schemes and other financial frauds.

Our greed, adictments, ignorance or herd behavior can jeopardize our financial future.

And I m not even talcking about bad spending habits (like making taking loans for living like rich people while you have a low income), that is already beyond common sense emotional financial mistakes. I m talking about investing in what others say is profitable without filtring enough that information.

Stock market, real eastate, curency market or joint ventures, are all legit businesses and real oportunities but only if you get them right.

You don`t invest in something just becouse someone told you that is a gold mine (in many cases it is, but not for you). There is a commoun sense principle that sayes that if everyone talck about one business oportunity, that`s not a business oportunity anymore! You should use this principle.

So, don`t invest in some stocks, or in some real estate, just becouse some sayes that is a big hit. First of all inform yourself, ask for inside informations, financial papers and so on, because numbes don`t lie!

A business/investment it is or it is not profitable if at the end it brings you more money than you spend for it, not because one say it is, that is basic!

But because most of us don`t use ration but emotion, only some stock investors make money from stock actions, only one from ten start-ups is successful and only 10% of population ownes 90% of money!

And because of this simple and harsh truth, the best investment you can do in this life, is to invest in yourself and to alchemycaly turn the led of your ignorance in the gold of knowledge!

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