How to make money out of nothing

Yes, investing money to get more money is a healthy financial principle, yet there are a lot of cases when you can make money out of nothing and you will find some in the following article!

Money can be made out of nothing because today currency is more and more an virtual idea than a physical object.

Once the global economy renounced at gold etalon and switched to dollar etalon, making money out of thin air become much easyer.

All we see today around us it was once just an information in someone`s head. The same is the case with the money!

Think only at bitcoin and other virtual currencies, how some people made a fortune mining them in their early history, not to talk about their inventors who are now multi-millionaires, creating their wealth out of nothing!

Of course, we are not all experts in coding and we don`t all have brilian ideas, but we don`t need to!

You don`t have to invent the wheel, it is enough if you just use it!

You want free money? Just ask for them!

The oldest, the simplest and the boldest technique to make money from nothing is to ask for them! From charity organisations to religious fondations, states, terrorist organisations or simple beggars, asking money is used as an effective way to create a cashflow!

The success of this method depends on a lot of factors raging from the pourpose (the cause) of the fund rasing to the authority you can impouse, formal or informal.

Commerce is a more common and simple way to make real money with little to no investment!

Don`t sell your stuff, sell other peoples stuff

There are a lot of people out there who would love to sell their stuff and are willing to pay you a commission if you can gelp them.

There are many wayes to sell other`s stuff online, from using Craiglist, eBay or Amazon, to choosing an affiliate program from Clickbank, if you already have your own website and have enough internet marketing experience.

Start a service based business

Cleaning services, courses of all kind, babysiting, kooking, training and so on, are all exemples of lucrative activities that neet no investments in stocks, suply products or employees salaries. You can start right away!

You also could think about blogging, to marry someone rich or playing lotery. Some ideas are realistic, other are less, but the most important factor is not the idea and neither the market, the most important factor is your financial IQ.

The good news is that this financial IQ can be improved constantly!


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